About Mindreel

Mindreel is an initiative to create a valuable learning resource using educational films that about mental health. Mindreel is led by Iriss in partnership with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and University of Strathclyde with funding from the Scottish Government (Reshaping Care and Mental Health Division).

The intention is to unlock the educational potential of the films that have been submitted to the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival since its inception in 2007.

The films are licensed to Mindreel for viewing online. Many may be downloaded for educational uses. If you require a licence for public screenings please contact the film-maker or rights holder (details in the right hand sidebar for each film)

What are these films?

The films featured on Mindreel were selected in conjunction with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Most are films that were submitted to the festival and many went on to win awards there.

Some are by professional film-makers; some by amateurs. Some address their chosen topics directly; others are gloriously oblique. They cover documentary, drama, animation and even music video. They are happy, sad, simple, complex, naive and cultured.

Individually, we feel that each of these films offers something of value to the viewer. Together, we believe that they contribute to an invaluable learning resource that addresses a wide range of mental health issues.

We hope that you agree.

Why should I register?

Mindreel is freely available to all, without the need to register. However, by signing up for a free Mindreel account you can:

  • Comment and participate in discussions around the films, sharing your thoughts and experiences with others
  • Favourite the films you love so you can find them easily in future

Additionally, professionals working in education or mental health can register for an 'academic' account, which allows you to download films for use offline, making it easier to utilise them in teaching and instructional environments.*

* For rights reasons, downloads may not be available on all titles. This option applies only to films for which the individual rights holder has explicitly allowed downloading.