Growing Space

Animated documentary about a small charity which makes a huge impact on the lives of adults suffering from mental health problems.

I'm Here Too

The 'I'm Here Too' booklet and DVD give a public voice to mental health carers in Glasgow. The package has been co-produced by Glasgow Association for Mental Health in partnership with carers from

Recovery: A Journey Of Hope

The main aim of this film is to give hope to people with mental health difficulties, and to help dispel negative images of mental health problems.

Stigma Dies

Stigma Dies is a short film which explores the condition of hearing voices, and examines methods of reducing the stigma in society.

Running Wild

A documentary tracking the life of ultra-distance runner Fiona and her family. Fiona suffered a brain haemorrhage and was able to recover back to full fitness, racing the West Highland Way.


Becalmed tells a collaborative story of illness, from the early, confusing, often heavily medicated and isolated beginnings, to the awkward and vulnerable feelings of being alone in company, to the

Reflections On Recovery

'Reflections On Recovery' explores in-depth the full experience of recovery through interviews with four service users who identify what recovery means to them.

My Father's Son

The film addresses the heredity of drinking problems and addiction to alcohol. When Ian was a young boy he was petrified of his alcoholic and abusive dad.