Simon Says: Psychosis!

A film about the experience of psychosis and the positive role that early intervention services can play in that often rocky voyage. Subjects explored inlclude: What is psychosis?

100 People

One in five adults and one in five teenagers has a mental health problem, a serious problem where their daily life is affected.


Features candid conversations with transgender people that challenge the stigma and misunderstandings surrounding transgender identities.


Maraquita spent 22 years of her life in Sunbury Asylum on a diagnosis that was found to be incorrect. The film explores her injustice as remembered by her son Tony.

The write reason

The WRITE reason is a documentary that explores the work of three published authors writing about their mental health experiences.


A series of survival stories and creative journeys developed by adults in the Alloa area of Scotland, all of whom have first hand experience of suffering and surviving years of mental ill health,  

Trading Stories. Sailing the Western Isles

Six young adults from different backgrounds set off on a three-week sailing trip from Glasgow to the Western Isles, making a film about life in the communities they visit on the way: Gigha, Tobermo

Living with PTSD: a carer's perspective

Filmed at Hollybush House in Ayrshire, Scotland, this film features the families of people with Post traumatic stress disorder talking about the condition and its impact.

Immortal Muse

A visual documentation of emigration, love, strength, creativity and old age. Annette Eick speaks philosophically about her migration from Nazi Berlin, via Hampstead to Devon.