Journeys to Employment

A video for people who have experienced mental health issues and thinking about taking the fist steps into employment.


A group of adults reminisce about games they played when they were younger. The film highlights the importance of having fun.

The Diseased Other

This film is about Alzheimer's disease, stigma and medical reductionism.

Beautiful Colour

In the corner of a communal studio, Ian Partridge finishes a painting he has been working on for several weeks, and as he starts a new picture - drawing, chatting, singing, painting and over-painti


Debbie is an independent woman, but the prejudice she faces due to her learning disability sometimes makes her life tough. This documentary gives a short insight into her world and experiences.

The Middle Men

It’s a well-worn story: the middle-aged man running on empty trades everything in for a second shot at life before it’s too late. 

I'm Here Too

The 'I'm Here Too' booklet and DVD give a public voice to mental health carers in Glasgow. The package has been co-produced by Glasgow Association for Mental Health in partnership with carers from

Recovery: A Journey Of Hope

The main aim of this film is to give hope to people with mental health difficulties, and to help dispel negative images of mental health problems.