Running Wild

A documentary tracking the life of ultra-distance runner Fiona and her family. Fiona suffered a brain haemorrhage and was able to recover back to full fitness, racing the West Highland Way.


Becalmed tells a collaborative story of illness, from the early, confusing, often heavily medicated and isolated beginnings, to the awkward and vulnerable feelings of being alone in company, to the


A series of micro-portraits, or windows, into the lives of five residents at an East London hostel.

Evolving Minds

An exploration of alternatives to psychiatry, and the links between psychosis and spirituality.

Gartloch Hospital

A history of Gartloch Hospital up to its closure in 1996, after serving patients for 100 years.

Kings Park

'Kings Park' documents the history of deinstitutionalization in American state run mental hospitals.

Messages From Grandma

Shot through an electron microscope, 'Messages From Grandma' explores dementia at the microscopic level by examining the medicine meant to help a verbally abusive grandmother by restoring her natur


'Possessed' enters the worlds of four obsessive hoarders, people whose lived are dominated by possessions.