Christmas With Dad

'Christmas With Dad' follows a 23-year-old, AJ, as his family prepare for the festive season and the arrival of an eighth child.


'Cocooned' is a portrait of a widower, four years after her bereavement as she struggles to connect or engage with the world around her.

A Man's A Man

A variety of people in Scotland, who have been born in Scotland, speak of their parents' and grandparents' reasons for settling in Scotland.


Directed by Lindsay Goodall, Irene portrays the filmmaker’s 92-year-old grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s, and the daughter who cares for her.


Sanctuary tells the stories of six asylum seekers and refugees living in Glasgow, and aims to address the stigma and discrimination often experienced by asylum seekers and refugees.

Reflections On Recovery

'Reflections On Recovery' explores in-depth the full experience of recovery through interviews with four service users who identify what recovery means to them.

Bringing The Outside In

An innovative way of tackling stigma and ignorance about the issues of mental health and race discrimination in prisons, this documentary follows comedian John Ryan on a journey of discovery as he

My Life 2

Following 'My Life', Peter McMahon's first production in 2008, Peter continues his journey to tell us what impact bullying has on people with learning disabilities.