On edge. Learning about self harm: Dean's story

Self-harm among young people is a significant and growing public health problem.  One of two films, Dean’s story looks at how a young boy – Dean -  is dealing with an number of difficult feelings.

All That Glisters

As Clare moves from childhood she strives to create a personal way of dealing with her dad's illness of asbestosis. It is a stop-motion adoptation of a short story by Scottish author Anne Donovan.

You Bring Something Back

Film produced by ITV Fixers to promote the awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in female soldiers.


Holly lives alone with her mother, Sam, who is agoraphobic with OCD.

Never Too Late

Rising rap star Amir Mohammadi, St Mungo's Academcy Young Carers' Group and and the Paltform crew explore in words and music the reality of being a young carer.


A film-maker is afraid to leave his room. A writer is afraid to enter it.


This film is about a mental health condition known as psychosis.  Historically young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis found it difficult to obtain effective treatment.


John is desperate for money to feed his heroin habit. Finding a lost mobile phone could be just what he needs... 


Psychosis affects the way a person makes sense of the world. For sufferers it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is not.