Site help

This page contains practical information intended to help you get the most from this website. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, please contact us and we'll do what we can to help.

Watching and downloading films

Video playback

The Mindreel video player allows you to stream the films directly to your web browser or mobile device. In most cases the video player should 'just work', but for some users it may be necessary to download and install the free Adobe Flash Player (if you need to install Flash, you'll see a message informing you with a link to download the installer).

On modern mobile devices which don't support Flash at all (iPhones, iPads, iPods etc), the player supplies a suitable video source which plays back directly in that device.

Please note that video playback requires a fast internet connection. On slower connections, including some mobile networks, the video player may need to buffer for some time before playback begins.

Downloading videos

A selection of the films on the Mindreel website are available to download for offline viewing. Downloading is only allowed for professionals working in education or mental health, and not all filmmakers have chosen to make their films available for download (please refer to our terms and conditions for more information on registration and downloads).

If you experience problems when trying to download movies (for example, if your browser tries to play the movie file rather than download it) try right-clicking on the 'download' button, and select 'download linked file'* from the resulting pop-up menu.

* Exact wording will vary, depending on what browser you're using.

Changing text sizes

All web browsers have some built-in provision for altering the size of text on screen. Normally this is achieved from the keyboard using the following shortcuts:

  • CONTROL (CMD on Mac) and '+' to make text larger/zoom in
  • CONTROL (CMD on Mac) and '-' to make text smaller/zoom out
  • CONTROL (CMD on Mac) and '0' to return to the default setting

In some legacy browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6) it's necessary to adjust text sizes from a menu. To do this, select 'View / Text Size' from the menubar and increase/decrease the size of the text.


JavaScript is a programming language run by your web browser. The Mindreel website makes use of JavaScript in a number of areas to help provide a more polished and usable experience for everyone who uses the site.

To find out how to activate JavaScript, or to test if it's running or not, visit and follow the instructions given for your web browser. Alternatively, you can consult the Help menu on your browser (generally the right-most option on the menubar) for instructions.

If you are unable to activate JavaScript on your browser for any reason, you will still be able to navigate through all core content of this site. However, certain advanced features may not be available to you and you will experience a slightly diminished version of the site.