On edge. Learning about self harm: Dean's story

Self-harm among young people is a significant and growing public health problem.  One of two films, Dean’s story looks at how a young boy – Dean -  is dealing with an number of difficult feelings.

Help stop bullying. Can we call on you?

Featuring an angry, oversized, radioactive lizard! This is a short film produced by young people to try and help stop bullying, and especially bullying of disabled young people.

Introduction to CAMHS

An introduction to CAMHS (Child And Adolescent Mental Health Service) made by young people who have used it. Informative and also fun, this tells you what to expect and how you can use it.

Growing Space

Animated documentary about a small charity which makes a huge impact on the lives of adults suffering from mental health problems.

Simon Says: Psychosis!

A film about the experience of psychosis and the positive role that early intervention services can play in that often rocky voyage. Subjects explored inlclude: What is psychosis?

100 People

One in five adults and one in five teenagers has a mental health problem, a serious problem where their daily life is affected.

But I'm Here For Mental Health

Commissioned by Tyneside Mind, this film explores the catastrophic impact of the current Work Capability Assessment process on those suffering from mental illness. Following the stories of June, Al