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Cheer Up For God's Sake

Cheer Up For God's Sake is a compendium of short films inspired by the real life experiences and concerns by members of the Riverside Mental Health Group in Glasgow.


Two men clean the city's streets: one compulsively, the other poetically.

Christmas With Dad

'Christmas With Dad' follows a 23-year-old, AJ, as his family prepare for the festive season and the arrival of an eighth child.

Can't Hold Me Down

Rapper 'Real A' (Arnaud Touanga) discovered that he was dyslexic at the age of 12 after arriving in Glasgow as a refugee from the Congo. He had encountered many problems at school.


'Cocooned' is a portrait of a widower, four years after her bereavement as she struggles to connect or engage with the world around her.

Eight Words

A portrayal of a woman who has to tell her husband the worst news of their lives.

Deaf Awareness for Health Professionals

'Top Tips for Health Professionals' film suggests ways to improve Deaf awareness and communication skills amongst Health Professionals when working with Deaf young people.