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Dreaming is a stop-motion animated fictitious film exploring the lives of a fractured community.

I'm Here Too

The 'I'm Here Too' booklet and DVD give a public voice to mental health carers in Glasgow. The package has been co-produced by Glasgow Association for Mental Health in partnership with carers from

Leaving By Numbers

A person experiencing OCD must undertake a number of 'rituals' before they are able to leave the house.

Secrets of the Mind

Hidden thoughts and feelings that can never be spoken occupy a desolate interior from which there is no escape.

Recovery: A Journey Of Hope

The main aim of this film is to give hope to people with mental health difficulties, and to help dispel negative images of mental health problems.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is the disturbing portrayal of a woman who, having been referred to a locked in-patient unit, is undergoing art therapy in the form of film-making along with the other service users on

Stigma Dies

Stigma Dies is a short film which explores the condition of hearing voices, and examines methods of reducing the stigma in society.


The short film describes the feelings of young people as their housing estate is demolished, and they think about their thoughts and feelings on memories of a place and the transition to another.