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A series of micro-portraits, or windows, into the lives of five residents at an East London hostel.

Shed Convention

A humorous film about taking the time to reflect on life, and how the decisions we make can affect our happiness.

Proof That I Am Here

Conceived between the Young Person's Programme Coordinator at Moray Art Centre, the Young Person's Mental Health Social Worker at Moray Council, and a local filmmaker alongside seven local young pe


One day in the life of an elderly lady who meditates on her everyday activities. Showing a woman's emotions at the end of her life, abstract and interesting thoughts on life are shared.

Zombie Or Not Zombie

A partnership between Pilton Video and Places For People Scotland Care and Support team, service users living with mental illness and learning disabilities received training in filmmaking and were

Evolving Minds

An exploration of alternatives to psychiatry, and the links between psychosis and spirituality.

Vive La Crise!

Created as a satirical take on society and the busy lives that we lead, 'Vive La Crise!" expresses an animated 'antidote' for the effects of social crisis on stress, panic and depression.