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Gartloch Hospital

A history of Gartloch Hospital up to its closure in 1996, after serving patients for 100 years.

The Crook and the Highlandman

A factual film created by Frank Slaven, a member of Stepping Stones Mental Health Programme. Frank wrote, narrated and starred in this docudrama which highlights important experiences in his life.

Kings Park

'Kings Park' documents the history of deinstitutionalization in American state run mental hospitals.

Messages From Grandma

Shot through an electron microscope, 'Messages From Grandma' explores dementia at the microscopic level by examining the medicine meant to help a verbally abusive grandmother by restoring her natur


'Possessed' enters the worlds of four obsessive hoarders, people whose lived are dominated by possessions.

Get Real! 2

Kingsway Eye Films present 'Get Real! 2', which follows Glasgow's Kingsway Court residents as they celebrate the anti-dawn raid activism of their neighbours, Noreen Real and Jean Donnachie.

Dear Dad

Against the breathtaking background of a childhood spent in the Scottish highlands, a young woman seeks understanding and closure with her father.