Autism - Telling A Story Through Video

Liam Robertson is 20 years old and has autism. He has a passion for film and would like to pursue a career in the theatre. He attends Scottish Youth Theatre and works part-time in Barnardo's shop in Glasgow. Liam talks about his interests and aspirations for the future.

Filmmaker's comments: 

The film above was originally shot in order to provide Liam with a video CV. It is supported by two further videos:

  • In "The Parents' Story" Liam's parents talk about his passion for the theatre and the support they received to help Liam develop independence and obtain an NVQ2 in customer service. They also talk about the difficulties encountered in obtaining a diagnosis and their aspirations for his future.
  • Finally in "Digital Storytelling: Personalisation", Liam's social worker David Lettice, who works with East Renfrewshire Council, explains how he became involved with Liam. David talks about the role of social services in helping Liam to be as independent as he can be, and how the various agencies co-ordinate with each another. He goes on to talk about the idea of creating a 'digital CV' for Liam. Liam's case illustrates the application of personalising in practice and value of digital storytelling.
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