Floating Is Easy

Alison has devoted the last three years of her life to caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's. When she wakes one morning to find the front door of her house open and her patient gone, Alison fails to raise the alarm. A decision that will have grave consequences. This film explores the impact of Alzheimer's on families caring for their loved ones at home.

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This short film reminded me of my mother. It showed how hard it is looking after someone with Alzheimer's with Alison's mum going out the front door every morning. Her sister visiting making their mum look at a care home booklet before talking it through with Alison first. How the sister stays at her own place but thinks she knows best. One morning her mum walks out the front door and goes missing. Alison fails to to raise alarm i think this was down to Alison feeling physically, emotionally and mentally drained. The sister again through's her weight around by saying to Alison 'that the house is getting sold' also taking their mum's jewellery and valued items. At no point did the sister discuss with Alison about what should happen like selling the house making Alison homeless.