Gartloch Hospital

A history of Gartloch Hospital up to its closure in 1996, after serving patients for 100 years.

Gartloch Hospital tracks the experiences of those who were both staff and patients at the hospital. Specifically for the building of a mental asylum by the Glasgow District Lunacy Board, the Gartloch Estate was bought by the City of Glasgow in 1889.

This film shows different views between those who were residents at the hospital as patients, and those employed as staff at the asylum. Patients talk about the trauma of their experiences at Gartloch, the victorian treatment methods, and the stigma tied to being referred to Gartloch Hospital. Staff reminisce about the end of an era and the folding of a community that existed on the estate with its closure as a hospital in 1996.


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Fantastic piece of work recording the history of the hospital.
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Brilliant to ba able to look back on a bit of history. Great bit of recording of the hospital.