Hearing Voices

This film contains mature content with moderate swearing and references to suicide and sexual abuse.

This film explores the experiences of Mental Health Service Users on a secure psychiatric ward, the writer being one of them. The script is taken from interviews with the patients combined with extracts from the writer's own diary and also from certain professionals working alternatively in mental health.

During her stay in a secure ward at a psychiatric hospital, it became apparent to the writer of the film (Clare Summerskill) that the nurses and consultants ran a regime based on confinement and medication. The psychiatrists prescribed medication for the patients and the nurses were responsible for making sure that the patients took the medication and were confined to the ward for as long as the consultant had determined. There was no talking therapy offered, so patients were not asked about how they had come to be in the hospital or how they might cope more effectively in the future.

The stories told in 'Hearing Voices' are taken from interviews with fellow patients. These stories voice opinions that were never heard by the nurses or consultants. The film aims to show how professionals working in locked wards, and mental health care more widely, might employ alternative models of practice to help those who are in mental distress.

Filmmaker's comments: 

Clare Summerskill, the writer of 'Hearing Voices', gives presentational screenings of the film combined with Q&A sessions to mental health groups and organisations, universities and conferences. If you wish to enquire about bookings, please contact admin@claresummerskill.co.uk and visit www.hearingvoicesplay.co.uk for more information about the project.

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