An observational film about the nature of addiction. Exploring the idea that love isn’t always enough when it comes to getting clean, and the inevitable sacrifices that come with sobriety. Alice and Marcus are young and in love. They keep trying and failing to get over their heroin addiction, until they find out Alice is pregnant. An honest portrayal of the difficulties in getting clean and staying clean. Endorsements and Praise for 'Hollow':

“‘Hollow’ is an important and timely film that raises significant questions about the access to support and treatment, and the attitude of professionals. It is a film which could be used to prompt discussion at a number of different points in the arc of the story. Those watching it will be challenged and moved by what director Rob Sorrenti and his story portrays.”
— Joy Barlow, MBE – Head of STRADA, Scotland

“‘Hollow’ starkly illustrates the dreary dispiriting nature of addiction with all its false promises and its power to waste and destroy more than one life at a time. Yet it offers the ever bright hope of recovery, the potential for which is always there.”
— Nick Barton - Chief Executive, Action on Addiction

“‘Hollow’ sensitively casts the hope of parenthood against the intense loneliness of addiction.The film portrays the battle against substance misuse, as well as the stigma associated with it - even for those who have taken positive steps in their lives. With authenticity and hope, director Rob Sorrenti underscores the possibilities of recovery for all those with drug and alcohol problems.”
— DrugScope

“I just watched the film and am very moved by it. It is very well portrayed, and it reminds me of my own story. I was very pleased to see her walk in to a meeting at the end, for I know that I cannot stay clean without the support of fellow addicts.”
— Anonymous reviewer - Narcotics Anonymous, UK

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I once fell in love with a beautiful woman who took heroin. She had two lovely children. Just like them I could not compete with the "cotton wool".