Maraquita spent 22 years of her life in Sunbury Asylum on a diagnosis that was found to be incorrect. The film explores her injustice as remembered by her son Tony.


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I feel so sorry and angry for Marquita spending 22 years in an Asylum for nothing because she had missed spending that time with her husband and children. It must have been so hard growing up without their mother and being told again and again that she is insane. This was 50 years ago and her son started looking to find her. The wards a dirty and spelling. In his mothers she physically could not have any more kids and in those days you could not get a divorce. He had no concept of how to toilet train or things that a mother shows and teaches him. Director of asylum used his mum a a guinea pig they made a total mess of he head. His mum worked in the laundry room and sewing room. Marquita job was to sew pillow cases even though she is a pianist. When his mum was released they tried to get her back into the Asylum but she was not insane but mildly eccentric Tony felt what an injustice to treat his mother in this way I hope Marquita & Tony get justice, find some kind of peace.