Positive Mental Attitudes – Schools Curriculum Pack

This group of four stories aims to ensure that school curriculums include resources which enhance young people's emotional and social well-being.

These short profiles provide real life accounts of pupils who have experienced difficult situations at school, and aim to better equip students to deal with challenging issues that may impact their mental health and well-being at school. The film address a wide range of issues, including anger management; coping as a young carer; bullying; alcohol; drugs; hearing voices and sleep loss. In doing so, these stories aim to stimulate emotional resilience among young people, and hope to foster a sense of worth and self-esteem for all pupils.

The stories are supported by teaching resources, sections of which aim to engage pupils and encourage discussion of the issues raised in the films. This is an important resource for teachers, and is widely accessible, with a variety of group and individual lesson plans which can be tailored to meet teaching needs.

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Well such video will help parents and teachers to understand student's problems and will help them to tackle things is positive manner.