The short film describes the feelings of young people as their housing estate is demolished, and they think about their thoughts and feelings on memories of a place and the transition to another.

The film-maker created 'Posts' from a personal perspective, as their family was informed, abruptly, that their home was to be demolished. Immediately, many of the children on the estate became very angry and started to draw their reactions on the paths outside. The young people also interviewed one another to talk about their reactions to the news.

The posts in the title are a group of concrete posts which supported washing lines on either side of the estate. The film shows a young person playing amongst them and describing how she would like to have these functional objects decorated, but it then goes on to show them being demolished.

The key message of this film is that young people want a choice, young people are often left out of the decision-making process, and the disempowerment of this group needs to be identified so that we may include young people in important choices about their lives.