Recovery: A Journey Of Hope

The main aim of this film is to give hope to people with mental health difficulties, and to help dispel negative images of mental health problems. 'Recovery: A Journey of Hope' is also used as a tool to raise awareness amongst service users, carers and professionals alike. This film interviews individuals who recount their own stories of recovery. It illustrates a key message that every person is an individual with a right to recover at their own pace, and in their own way.

The film also highlights the partnership between people suffering with mental health problems and those whose role is to facilitate the individual's recovery. This identifies how healthcare workers, with positive attitudes, can help individuals to achieve recovery from mental health illness.

© Scottish Recovery Network and Plus Perth.

Scottish Recovery Network and Plus Perth acknowledge the support of Speakeasy Productions in producing the original DVD.


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Such film would give a ray of hope and desire to live happy healthy life to those who suffer mental problems and anxiety.