The Winner Loser

Daniel MacNee can't remember his own past. Since a devastating illness destroyed his memory function 22 years ago, Danny has created an extraordinary way of coping and navigating his way through life.

Filmmaker's comments: 

Filmed over the course of a year, I felt this film was important to make in order to tell the story of Danny's complex world and unique perspective using an observational approach combined with animation to try and shine a light into that world.


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Daniel likes structure and routines he suffers from memory loss.. His mum does not even know what makes Daniel work. In doing this short film helps people understand him better.Daniel was not always this way as 22 years ago he developed a devastating illness which is Hydrocephalus which is fluid that occurs in the brain this causes increased pressure inside the skull. Daniel uses notes to record his days.Helix trip is where Daniel can reclaim, and would like to know he had a great life before his illness. He feels emotional visiting his boarding school when he was 8 years old. Daniel feels really angry about having mental health issues he has had 13 brain operations.Having Hydrocephalus has saved his life before it he suffered clinical depression. He has a shunt put in to help.It was nice to see him visiting his dad who suffers from dementia.He almost lives his life in the past everyday, Daniel is very independent & feels he is reborn .