Zombie Or Not Zombie

A partnership between Pilton Video and Places For People Scotland Care and Support team, service users living with mental illness and learning disabilities received training in filmmaking and were actors in their own production.

The service users devised the plot and drew on personal experiences to challenge stereotypes that they had faced in life in a humorous and creative way.

See the impact for all involved in making the film in the documentary 'Shooting Zombies', which follows the making of 'Zombie Or Not Zombie'.

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Submitted by jemperth on
As well as being a parody of the way people with disabilities are too often treated, I love that this film works so well as an homage to the zombie genre. You could spend a day trying to spot all movie references in here.
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Submitted by mindreel_admin on
Naming the leads Georgina and Romero is my fave.